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Life of Charlotte Bronte, V1
E. C. Gaskell

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The volume 2 that we've released appears to be from the first edition of
the book.  My book appears to be the third edition of the book. 

Normally this would not matter at all but unfortunately in this case it
does.  Mrs Gaskell had to remove a great deal of material after the second
edition was published after legal threats.  She did this but also added a
great deal of new material.  Hence the first/second editions differ
significantly from the third.  Anyone interested in this book is likely to
want complete etexts of the first/second and third versions - so they can
see what Mrs Gaskell changed (and presumably work out why). 

In the short term I'm not proposing to do a volume 2 from my edition as it
scanned rather poorly.  If anyone really pushes for it I will transcribe
the rest of it from my copy. 

This etext was prepared by David Price, email
from the 1906 Smith, Elder and Co.  edition. 

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