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A Day In Old Athens
William Stearns Davis

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A Day in Old Athens 

By William Stearns Davis
Professor of Ancient History in the University of Minnesota 


This little book tries to describe what an intelligent person would
see and hear in ancient Athens, if by some legerdemain he were
translated to the fourth century B.C.  and conducted about the city
under competent guidance.  Rare happenings have been omitted and
sometimes, to avoid long explanations, PROBABLE matters have been
stated as if they were ascertained facts; but these instances are
few, and it is hoped no reader will be led into serious error. 

The year 360 B.C.  has been selected for the hypothetical time of
this visit, not because of any special virtue in that date, but
because Athens was then architecturally almost perfect, her civic
and her social life seemed at their best, the democratic constitution

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