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Richard Hakluyt

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Produced by Karl Hagen, Juliet Sutherland,
and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. 

** Transcriber's Notes ** 

The printed edition from which this e-text has been produced retains the
spelling and abreviations of Hakluyt's 16th-century original.  In this
version, the spelling has been retained, but the following manuscript
abbreviations have been silently expanded: 

- vowels with macrons = vowel + 'n' or 'm'
- q; = -que (in the Latin)
- y[e] = the; y[t] = that; w[t] = with 

This edition contains footnotes and two types of sidenotes.  Most footnotes
are added by the editor.  They follow modern (19th-century) spelling
conventions.  Those that don't are Hakluyt's (and are not always
systematically marked as such by the editor).  The sidenotes are Hakluyt's

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