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Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, Champlain
Vol. 1

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Produced by Karl Hagen, Juliet Sutherland, Charles Franks, and the Online
Distributed Proofreading Team.
This file was produced from images generously made available by the Canadian
Institute for Historical Microreproductions. 

Transcriber's Notes: 

The footnotes in the main portion of the original text, which are lengthy
and numerous, have been converted to endnotes that appear at the end of
each chapter.  Their numeration is the same as in the original. 

The original spelling remains unaltered, with the following exceptions: 

1.  This text was originally printed with tall-s.  They have been replaced
here with ordinary 's.' 

2.  Some quotations from the 17th-century French reproduce manuscript
abbreviation marks (macrons over vowels).  These represent 'n' or 'm' and

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