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A Strange Story, Vol. 5
E. B. Lytton

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The lawyer came the next day, and with something like a smile on his lips.
He brought me a few lines in pencil from Mrs.  Ashleigh; they were kindly
expressed, bade me be of good cheer; "she never for a moment believed in
my guilt; Lilian bore up wonderfully under so terrible a trial; it was an
unspeakable comfort to both to receive the visits of a friend so attached
to me, and so confident of a triumphant refutation of the hideous calumny
under which I now suffered as Mr.  Margrave!" 

The lawyer had seen Margrave again,--seen him in that house.  Margrave
seemed almost domiciled there! 

I remained sullen and taciturn during this visit.  I longed again for the
night.  Night came.  I heard the distant clock strike twelve, when again

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