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Civilization of Renaissance in Italy
J Burckhardt

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Redactor's Note: This version of Burckhardt is from the 2nd edition.
Many later editions were issued, but this is the last with Burckhardt's
own input.  Burckhardt received nothing for his labors for this book,
and so it is fitting that it is returned to the public domain.
Italics are preserved and are bracketed by underscores (_). 

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy 

by Jacob Burckhardt 

Table of Contents
Part One: The State as a Work of Art
1-1 Introduction
1-2 Despots of the Fourteenth Century
1-3 Despots of the Fifteenth Century
1-4 The Smaller Despotisms
1-5 The Greater Dynasties
1-6 The Opponents of the Despots

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