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George Cruikshank
William M. Thackeray

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George Cruikshank 

by William Makepeace Thackeray 

* Reprinted from the Westminster Review for June, 1840.  (No 66.) 

Accusations of ingratitude, and just accusations no doubt, are made
against every inhabitant of this wicked world, and the fact is, that
a man who is ceaselessly engaged in its trouble and turmoil, borne
hither and thither upon the fierce waves of the crowd, bustling,
shifting, struggling to keep himself somewhat above water--fighting
for reputation, or more likely for bread, and ceaselessly occupied
to-day with plans for appeasing the eternal appetite of inevitable
hunger to-morrow--a man in such straits has hardly time to think of
anything but himself, and, as in a sinking ship, must make his own
rush for the boats, and fight, struggle, and trample for safety.
In the midst of such a combat as this, the "ingenious arts, which
prevent the ferocity of the manners, and act upon them as an
emollient" (as the philosophic bard remarks in the Latin Grammar)

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