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Your Culture to Me
C. D. Warner

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This etext was produced by David Widger  

What is Your Culture to Me 

By Charles Dudley Warner 

Delivered before the Alumni of Hamilton College, Clinton, N.  Y.,
Wednesday, June 26, 1872 

Twenty-one years ago in this house I heard a voice calling me to ascend
the platform, and there to stand and deliver.  The voice was the voice of
President North; the language was an excellent imitation of that used by
Cicero and Julius Caesar.  I remember the flattering invitation--it is
the classic tag that clings to the graduate long after he has forgotten
the gender of the nouns that end in 'um--orator proximus', the grateful
voice said, 'ascendat, videlicet,' and so forth.  To be proclaimed an
orator, and an ascending orator, in such a sonorous tongue, in the face
of a world waiting for orators, stirred one's blood like the herald's

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