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Mr. Foude's Progress
C. D. Warner

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This etext was produced by David Widger  

Mr.  Froude's Progress 

By Charles Dudley Warner 

To revisit this earth, some ages after their departure from it, is a
common wish among men.  We frequently hear men say that they would give
so many months or years of their lives in exchange for a less number on
the globe one or two or three centuries from now.  Merely to see the
world from some remote sphere, like the distant spectator of a play which
passes in dumb show, would not suffice.  They would like to be of the
world again, and enter into its feelings, passions, hopes; to feel the
sweep of its current, and so to comprehend what it has become. 

I suppose that we all who are thoroughly interested in this world have
this desire.  There are some select souls who sit apart in calm
endurance, waiting to be translated out of a world they are almost tired

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