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Pilgrim and American
C. D. Warner

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Pilgrim and American 

by Charles Dudley Warner 

This December evening, the imagination, by a law of contrast, recalls
another December night two hundred and seventy years ago.  The circle of
darkness is drawn about a little group of Pilgrims who have come ashore
on a sandy and inhospitable coast.  On one side is a vexed and wintry
sea, three thousand miles of tossing waves and tempest, beyond which lie
the home, the hedgerows and cottages, the church towers, the libraries
and universities, the habits and associations of an old civilization, the
strongest and dearest ties that can entwine around a human heart,
abandoned now definitely and forever by these wanderers; on the other
side a wintry forest of unknown extent, without highways, the lair of
wild beasts, impenetrable except by trails known only to the savages,
whose sudden appearance and disappearance adds mystery and terror to the
impression the imagination has conjured up of the wilderness. 

This darkness is symbolic.  It stands for a vaster obscurity.  This is an

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