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It was at Homburg, several years ago, before the gaming had been
suppressed.  The evening was very warm, and all the world was
gathered on the terrace of the Kursaal and the esplanade below it to
listen to the excellent orchestra; or half the world, rather, for the
crowd was equally dense in the gaming-rooms around the tables.
Everywhere the crowd was great.  The night was perfect, the season
was at its height, the open windows of the Kursaal sent long shafts
of unnatural light into the dusky woods, and now and then, in the
intervals of the music, one might almost hear the clink of the
napoleons and the metallic call of the croupiers rise above the
watching silence of the saloons.  I had been strolling with a friend,
and we at last prepared to sit down.  Chairs, however, were scarce.
I had captured one, but it seemed no easy matter to find a mate for
it.  I was on the point of giving up in despair, and proposing an
adjournment to the silken ottomans of the Kursaal, when I observed a

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