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Frederick Chopin Volume 1
Frederick Niecks

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that I was wrong in making excursions without
my husband.  I do not think that this is the case, seeing that
my husband goes first, and I go where he intends to go. 

My husband is one of the most intrepid of men.  He goes
everywhere, and I follow him.  He turns round and rebukes me.
He says that I affect singularity.  I'll be hanged if I think
of it.  I turn round, and I see Zoe following me.  I tell her
that she affects singularity.  My husband is angry because Zoe

...We quickly leave the guides and the caravan behind us.  We
ride over the most fantastic roads at a gallop.  Zoe is mad
with courage.  This intoxicates me, and I at once am her

In addition to the above, we must read a remark suggested by
certain entries in the diary:--

Aimee was an accomplished person of an exquisite distinction.

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