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At one period of its reverses, the House fell into the occupation of
a Showman.  He was found registered as its occupier, on the parish
books of the time when he rented the House, and there was therefore
no need of any clue to his name.  But, he himself was less easy to
be found; for, he had led a wandering life, and settled people had
lost sight of him, and people who plumed themselves on being
respectable were shy of admitting that they had ever known anything
of him.  At last, among the marsh lands near the river's level, that
lie about Deptford and the neighbouring market-gardens, a Grizzled
Personage in velveteen, with a face so cut up by varieties of
weather that he looked as if he had been tattooed, was found smoking
a pipe at the door of a wooden house on wheels.  The wooden house
was laid up in ordinary for the winter, near the mouth of a muddy
creek; and everything near it, the foggy river, the misty marshes,
and the steaming market-gardens, smoked in company with the grizzled
man.  In the midst of this smoking party, the funnel-chimney of the
wooden house on wheels was not remiss, but took its pipe with the

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