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Itineray of Baldwin in Wales
Giraldus Cambrensis

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This etext was prepared by David Price, from the 1912 J.  M.  Dent edition. 

The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales 


Gerald the Welshman - Giraldus Cambrensis - was born, probably in
1147, at Manorbier Castle in the county of Pembroke.  His father was
a Norman noble, William de Barri, who took his name from the little
island of Barry off the coast of Glamorgan.  His mother, Angharad,
was the daughter of Gerald de Windsor {1} by his wife, the famous
Princess Nesta, the "Helen of Wales," and the daughter of Rhys ap
Tewdwr Mawr, the last independent Prince of South Wales. 

Gerald was therefore born to romance and adventure.  He was reared
in the traditions of the House of Dinevor.  He heard the brilliant
and pitiful stories of Rhys ap Tewdwr, who, after having lost and

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