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Here the story abruptly terminates.  The remainder of the Roman's
narrative is lost, and upon that broken bridge the form of the Batavian
hero disappears forever.  His name fades from history: not a syllable is
known of his subsequent career; every thing is buried in the profound
oblivion which now steals over the scene where he was the most imposing

The soul of Civilis had proved insufficient to animate a whole people;
yet it was rather owing to position than to any personal inferiority,
that his name did not become as illustrious as that of Hermann.  The
German patriot was neither braver nor wiser than the Batavian, but he
had the infinite forests of his fatherland to protect him.  Every legion
which plunged into those unfathomable depths was forced to retreat
disastrously, or to perish miserably.  Civilis was hemmed in by the
ocean; his country, long the basis of Roman military operations, was
accessible by river and canal, The patriotic spirit which he had for a
moment raised, had abandoned him; his allies had deserted him; he stood
alone and at bay, encompassed by the hunters, with death or surrender as

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