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Letters of Horace Walpole, Horace Walpole

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who asked
her if she did not approve Platonic love.  "Lord, sir," says she,
, "I am sure any one that knows me never heard that I had any
love but one, and there sit two proofs of it,"
pointing to her two daughters. 

So I have given you a sketch of our employments, and
answered your questions, and will with pleasure as many more as
you have about you.  Adieu! Was ever such a lon@ letter? But 'tis
nothing to what I shall have to say to you.  I
shaft scold you for never telling us any news, public or
private, no deaths, riiarriages, or mishaps; no account of new
books: Oh, you are abominable! I could find it in my
heart to hate You if I did not love you so well; but we will
quarrel now, that we may be the better friends when we meet:
there is no danger of that, is there? Good night, whether
friend or foe! I am most sincerely Yours. 

(215) Though brave, skilful, and enterprising Sir John
failed to acquire renown, in consequence of mere

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