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Marie Antoinette And Her Son
Louise Muhlbach 3

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This etext was prepared by Christopher Hapka, Sunnyvale, California. 

Digital Editor's Note: 

Italics are represented in the text with _underscores_.  In the
interest of readability, where italics are used to indicate
non-English words, I have silently omitted them or replaced them
with quotation marks. 

Some diacriticals in the text could not be represented in 7-bit
ASCII text and have been approximated here.  To restore all
formatting, do the following throughout the text: 

Replace the pound sign # with the English pound
currency symbol
Place a circumflex accent over the "e" in "fete"
and the first "e" in "ancetres"
Place an dieresis over the "i" in "naive" and "naively"

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