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My Discovery of England
Stephen Leacock

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My Discovery of England 

I.  The Balance of Trade in Impressions 

FOR some years past a rising tide of lecturers and literary men
from England has washed upon the shores of our North American
continent.  The purpose of each one of them is to make a new discovery
of America.  They come over to us travelling in great simplicity,
and they return in the ducal suite of the Aquitania.  They carry
away with them their impressions of America, and when they reach
England they sell them.  This export of impressions has now been
going on so long that the balance of trade in impressions is all
disturbed.  There is no doubt that the Americans and Canadians have
been too generous in this matter of giving away impressions.  We
emit them with the careless ease of a glow worm, and like the
glow-worm ask for nothing in return. 

But this irregular and one-sided traffic has now assumed such great
proportions that we are compelled to ask whether it is right to

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