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Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy

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This etext was produced by Gardner Buchanan with help from the
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The prudent husbandman, after having taken from his field
all the straw that is there, rakes it over with a wooden
rake and gets as much again.  The wise child, after the
lemonade jug is empty, takes the lemons from the bottom
of it and squeezes them into a still larger brew.  So does
the sagacious author, after having sold his material to
the magazines and been paid for it, clap it into book-covers
and give it another squeeze.  But in the present case the
author is of a nice conscience and anxious to place
responsibility where it is due.  He therefore wishes to
make all proper acknowledgments to the editors of Vanity
Fair, The American Magazine, The Popular Magazine, Life,
Puck, The Century, Methuen's Annual, and all others who
are in any way implicated in the making of this book.

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