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P.G. Wodehouse

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By P.  G.  Wodehouse 

In a day in June, at the hour when London moves abroad in quest
of lunch, a young man stood at the entrance of the Bandolero
Restaurant looking earnestly up Shaftesbury Avenue--a large young
man in excellent condition, with a pleasant, good-humoured, brown,
clean-cut face.  He paid no attention to the stream of humanity
that flowed past him.  His mouth was set and his eyes wore a
serious, almost a wistful expression.  He was frowning slightly.
One would have said that here was a man with a secret sorrow. 

William FitzWilliam Delamere Chalmers, Lord Dawlish, had no secret
sorrow.  All that he was thinking of at that moment was the best
method of laying a golf ball dead in front of the Palace Theatre.
It was his habit to pass the time in mental golf when Claire

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