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On The Ruin of Britain
Gildas Sapiens

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Etext prepared by Bert Olton 

On The Ruin of Britain (De Excidio Britanniae) by Gildas
Translation by J.A.  Giles 

The Works of Gildas surnamed "Sapiens", or The Wise. 

I.  The Preface 

1.  Whatever in this my epistle I may write in my humble but well
meaning manner, rather by way of lamentation than for display,
let no one suppose that it springs from contempt of others or that
I foolishly esteem myself as better than they; -for alas! the subject
of my complaint is the general destruction of every thing that is
good, and the general growth of evil throughout the land;--but
that I rejoice to see her revive therefrom: for it is my present
purpose to relate the deeds of an indolent and slothful race, rather

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