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Pennsylvania, bearing my last name, preceded by the same two
initials; and he supposed, when my card came up, it was this
individual who was disturbing his slumbers.  The coincidence was so
unlikely a priori, unless some forlorn parent without antecedents had
named, a child after me, that I could not help cross-questioning the
Doctor, who assured me deliberately that the fact was just as he had
said, even to the somewhat unusual initials.  Dr.  Wilson very kindly
furnished me all the information in his power, gave me directions for
telegraphing to Chambersburg, and showed every disposition to serve

On returning to the Herr House, we found the mild, white-haired old
gentleman in a very happy state.  He had just discovered his son, in
a comfortable condition, at the United States Hotel.  He thought that
he could probably give us some information which would prove
interesting.  To the United States Hotel we repaired, then, in
company with our kind-hearted old friend, who evidently wanted to see
me as happy as himself.  He went up-stairs to his son's chamber, and
presently came down to conduct us there.

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