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Situated on the eastern side of the mountain which rises above Port
Louis, in the Mauritius, upon a piece of land bearing the marks of
former cultivation, are seen the ruins of two small cottages.  These
ruins are not far from the centre of a valley, formed by immense
rocks, and which opens only towards the north.  On the left rises the
mountain called the Height of Discovery, whence the eye marks the
distant sail when it first touches the verge of the horizon, and
whence the signal is given when a vessel approaches the island.  At the
foot of this mountain stands the town of Port Louis.  On the right is
formed the road which stretches from Port Louis to the Shaddock Grove,
where the church bearing that name lifts its head, surrounded by its
avenues of bamboo, in the middle of a spacious plain; and the prospect
terminates in a forest extending to the furthest bounds of the island.
The front view presents the bay, denominated the Bay of the Tomb; a
little on the right is seen the Cape of Misfortune; and beyond rolls
the expanded ocean, on the surface of which appear a few uninhabited
islands; and, among others, the Point of Endeavour, which resembles a

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