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Andrea Delfin
Paul Heyse

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Andrea Delfin 

A Venetian novella 

by Paul Heyse 

Original title: Andrea Delfin, eine venezianische Novelle 

[Translated by Gunther Olesch in 2000] 

In that Venetian alley which bears the friendly name of "Bella
Cortesia", there was, in the middle of the past century, the
simple, one-story house of a common family; over its low portal,
framed by two wooden spiral columns and a baroque ledge, resided
an image of the Madonna in a niche, and an eternal flame flickered
humbly behind its red glass.  Entering the lower corridor, one
would have found oneself at the foot of a broad, steep staircase,
which, without any bents, went straight up to the rooms upstairs.
Here also, a lamp burnt day and night, which hang by shiny,

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