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Political Ideals
Bertrand Russell

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by Bertrand Russell 

Chapter I: Political Ideals 

In dark days, men need a clear faith and a well-grounded hope; and as
the outcome of these, the calm courage which takes no account of
hardships by the way.  The times through which we are passing have
afforded to many of us a confirmation of our faith.  We see that the
things we had thought evil are really evil, and we know more
definitely than we ever did before the directions in which men must
move if a better world is to arise on the ruins of the one which is
now hurling itself into destruction.  We see that men's political
dealings with one another are based on wholly wrong ideals, and can
only be saved by quite different ideals from continuing to be a source
of suffering, devastation, and sin. 

Political ideals must be based upon ideals for the individual life.

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