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Pilgrims Progress/One Syllable
Mary Godolphin

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This eBook was produced by Bruce W.  Miller 

The Pilgrim's Progress In Words of One Syllable by Mary Godolphin 

Author's Preface 

In offering to the public another volume on my plan of reducing
popular tales into words of One Syllable exclusively, I wish it
to be clearly understood that it is intended for Adult Beginners,
no less than for Children.  There is a large class of persons who
do not begin to acquire the art of reading till somewhat late in
life, and it is for such that I think a book of this Character is
peculiarly applicable. 

It may be objected that my system involves the use of words
which, though short, are difficult to understand and might be
made more intelligible in polysyllabic language.  But I have
endeavored as far as possible to avoid hard and technical

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