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1.  M.  W.  L.  de Wette, Beitraege zur Einleitung in das A.  T.
(Bd.  I.  Kritischer Versuch ueber die Glaubwuerdigkeit der Buecher
der Chronik; Bd.  II.  Kritik der Mosaischen Geschichte, Halle, 1806-07);
J.  F.  L.  George, Die alterer Juedischen Feste mit einer Kritik der
Gesetzgebung des Pentateuch (Berlin, 1835; preface dated 12th
October); W.  Vatke, Die biblische Theologie wissenschaftlich
dargestellt (Berlin, 1835; preface dated 18th October;
publication did not get beyond first part of the first volume);
K.  H.  Graf, Die geschichtlicher Buecher des Alten Testaments
(Leipsic, 1866).  That Graf as well as J.  Orth (Nouv.  Rev.  de
Theol., iii.  84 sqq., iv.  350 sqq., Paris, 1859-60) owed the
impulse to his critical labours to his Strassburg master was not
unknown; but how great must have been the share of Reuss in the
hypothesis of Graf has only been revealed in 1879, by the
publication of certain theses which he had formulated as early as
1833, but had hesitated to lay in print before the general
theological public.  These are as follows:-- "1.  L'element
historique du Pentateuque peut et doit etre examine a part et ne
pas etre confondu avec l'element legal.  2.  L'un et l'autre ont pu

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