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Sintram and His Companions
Friedrich Fouque #1

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Sintram and His Companions 

by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
with foreword by Charlotte M Yonge. 


Four tales are, it is said, intended by the Author to be appropriate
to the Four Seasons: the stern, grave "Sintram", to winter; the
tearful, smiling, fresh "Undine", to Spring; the torrid deserts of
the "Two Captains", to summer; and the sunset gold of "Aslauga's
Knight", to autumn.  Of these two are before us. 

The author of these tales, as well as of many more, was Friedrich,
Baron de la Motte Fouque, one of the foremost of the minstrels or
tale-tellers of the realm of spiritual chivalry--the realm whither
Arthur's knights departed when they "took the Sancgreal's holy
quest,"--whence Spenser's Red Cross knight and his fellows came forth
on their adventures, and in which the Knight of la Mancha believed,

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