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Ada Cambridge

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This etext was prepared by Col Choat 

SISTERS by Ada Cambridge 


Guthrie Carey began life young.  He was not a week over twenty-one when,
between two voyages, he married Lily Harrison, simply because she was a
poor, pretty, homeless little girl, who had to earn her living as a
nondescript lady-help in hard situations, and never had a holiday.  He
saw her in a Sandridge boarding-house, slaving beyond her powers, and
made up his mind that she should rest.  With sailor zeal and
promptitude, he got the consent of her father, who was glad to be rid
of her out of the way of a new wife; took the trembling, clinging child
to the nearest parson, and made her a pensioner on his small wages in a
tiny lodging of her own.  They honeymooned for a fortnight, off and on,
as his ship could spare him--the happiest pair of mortals in the wide
world--and then parted in tears and anguish unspeakable for the best

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