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Mrs. General Talboys
Anthony Trollope

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by Anthony Trollope 

Why Mrs.  General Talboys first made up her mind to pass the winter
of 1859 at Rome I never clearly understood.  To myself she explained
her purposes, soon after her arrival at the Eternal City, by
declaring, in her own enthusiastic manner, that she was inspired by
a burning desire to drink fresh at the still living fountains of
classical poetry and sentiment.  But I always thought that there was
something more than this in it.  Classical poetry and sentiment were
doubtless very dear to her; but so also, I imagine, were the
substantial comforts of Hardover Lodge, the General's house in
Berkshire; and I do not think that she would have emigrated for the
winter had there not been some slight domestic misunderstanding.
Let this, however, be fully made clear,--that such misunderstanding,
if it existed, must have been simply an affair of temper.  No
impropriety of conduct has, I am very sure, ever been imputed to the
lady.  The General, as all the world knows, is hot; and Mrs.

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