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Over the Teacups
Oliver W. Holmes

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Over the Teacups 

by Oliver W.  Holmes 


The kind way in which this series of papers has been received has
been a pleasure greater than I dared to anticipate.  I felt that I
was a late comer in the midst of a crowd of ardent and eager
candidates for public attention, that I had already had my day, and
that if, like the unfortunate Frenchman we used read about, I had
"come again," I ought not to surprised if I received the welcome of
"Monsieur Tonson." 

It has not proved so.  My old readers have come forward in the
pleasantest possible way and assured me that they were glad to see me
again.  There is no need, therefore, of apologies or explanations.  I
thought I had something left to say and I have found listeners.  In
writing these papers I have had occupation and kept myself in

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