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Relations of Man to Lower Animals
T H Huxley

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On the Posterior lobes of the Cerebrum of the
Quadrumana.  'Philosophical Transactions', 1862. 

**** On the anatomical Relations of the Surfaces of the
Tentorium to the Cerebrum and Cerebellum in Man and the
lower Mammals.  'Proceedings of the Royal Society of
Edinburgh', March, 1862. 

***** On the Brain of Ateles.  'Proceedings of Zoological
Society', 1861. 

"If this were a question of opinion, or a question of interpretation of
parts or of terms,--were it even a question of observation in which the
testimony of my own senses alone was pitted against that of another
person, I should adopt a very different tone in discussing this matter.
I should, in all humility, admit the likelihood of having myself erred
in judgment, failed in knowledge, or been blinded by prejudice. 

"But no one pretends now, that the controversy is one of the terms or of
opinions.  Novel and devoid of authority as some of Professor Owen's

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