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Data From the 1990 Census
US Census Bureau

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A Few Words About These United States Population Statistics. 

All figures listed below for years before 1992 are US Census
Bureau figures as per the source files.  Where there were an
assortment of figures for a specific year, we averaged them.
1992 was an estimate.  Years after 1992 are our estimates on
a predicted growth rate of 1%, as the average growth rate of
all the averaged figures from 1972-1992 was exactly 1.00%. 

The raw data from which we took these figures is appended as
footnote #2.  All dates not given are presumed to be July 1,
as that is the official date given by the US Census Bureaus,
over the years, except where otherwise noted.  Dates are for
footnoted figures only. 

Why and How You Should Use These Tables 

Given the rapid inflation that took place sometimes over the
past few decades, you might be aware that if a report said a
certain monetary figure was up 10% during one decade, it was

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