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A Vanished Arcadia
R. B. Cunninghame Graham ]

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A Vanished Arcadia
by R.  B.  Cunninghame Graham
[Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham.  1852-1936.] 

[Note on text: Some obvious errors have been corrected.  See Notes
at end of file.] 

[There were a number of accented characters in the original text,
that cannot be conveniently included in ASCII.  Some of these recur
throughout the text, most notably: Guarani/ = Guarani; Parana/ = Parana;
Alvar Nun~ez = Alvar Nunez; yerba mate/ = yerba mate; Guaycuru/ = Guaycuru;
Guayra/ = Guayra; Diaz Tan~o = Diaz Tano; Paranapane/ = Paranapane;
Jose/ = Jose; Chiriguana/s = Chiriguanas; Payagua/ = Payagua;
Sen~ora = Senora; Iban~ez = Ibanez; and N~eenguiru/ = Neenguiru
(the last u is sometimes given without an accent). 

For a complete list of less common cases, see the end of this file.
The accents have been stripped out of words that are used
as part of an English phrase or sentence, but due to sheer volume,

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