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Ragged Lady
William Dean Howells Vol 2

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Ragged Lady 

by William Dean Howells 

Part 2 


Mrs.  Lander went to a hotel in New York where she had been in the habit
of staying with her husband, on their way South or North.  The clerk knew
her, and shook hands with her across the register, and said she could
have her old rooms if she wanted them; the bell-boy who took up their
hand-baggage recalled himself to her; the elevator-boy welcomed her with
a smile of remembrance. 

Since she was already up, from coming off the sleeping-car, she had no
excuse for not going to breakfast like other people; and she went with
Clementina to the dining-room, where the head-waiter, who found them
places, spoke with an outlandish accent, and the waiter who served them

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