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Expeditions to Sth. Australia I
Charles Sturt

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** who resides in the southern parts of the colony.  The day
after my arrival, he took me round his property, and explained the various
improvements he had made, considering the small means with which he had
commenced.  At this part of our conversation, we came within view of his
house, a substantial weather-board cottage.  "I trust," said I, turning
to him, "you will excuse the question I am about to ask; for your
frankness emboldens me to propose it, and on your answer much of the
effect of what you have been saying will depend.  In effecting these
various improvements, and in the building of that house, have you been
obliged to embarrass yourself, or are they free from incumbrance?"--"Your
question," he said, "is a reasonable one, and I will answer it with the
frankness you are kind enough to ascribe to me.  I have ever made it a rule
not to exceed my income.  Mrs.  ****** bore our first trials with so much
cheerfulness, and contributed so much to my happiness and my prosperity,
that I felt myself bound to build her a good house with the first money
I had to spare." I confess this answer raised my host in my estimation,
and it was a gratifying proof to me of the success that attends industry
and perseverance. 

But let us look at another case.  Mr.  *** had a property to the N.W.  of

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