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Young Adventure
Stephen Vincent Benet

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Young Adventure
by Stephen Vincent Benet 

[Stephen Vincent Bene't, American Poet and short-story writer -- 1898-1943.] 

[Note on text: Italicized stanzas will be indented 5 spaces.
Italicized words or phrases have been capitalized.
Lines longer than 77 characters have been broken,
and the continuation is indented two spaces.] 

[Note: This etext was transcribed from the 1918 American (original) edition.
There are some slight differences, such as making the titles in the contents
conform exactly to the titles of the individual sections, for ease
of searching, and correction of mistakes which are very obviously mistakes,
and not merely archaic or unorthodox usage, but great care has been taken
not to change the text, and hopefully this has been accomplished.] 

Young Adventure

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